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How you'll do it.

Develop your

Build meaningful

Learn from real-life

This is your opportunity.

Join and connect with other dreamers from across the globe. Develop your passions, get clarity on your future, and learn how you can make an impact on the world.

Live doing something
you love.

Live doing something you love.

Develop your passions, identify your strengths, and pursue a life around your ambitions.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Make lifelong friends and collaborate with teens across the globe.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Make lifelong friends and collaborate with teens across the globe.

Grow from real life experiences.

Become confident in yourself as you grow from real life experiences & make the right decisions.

How does this work?

LogoWorld options for your teen

GameChangers Program

A 4 Week Teenage Entrepreneurship program designed to help students identify their passions, connect that to a purpose, and apply their unique selves in the economy doing what they love.

Innnovation Groups

Teens join a group of up to 15 students who meet on a bi-weekly basis with the purpose of getting clarity in their futures. Students build meaningful friendships with like-minded teens who are a positive influence for one another.


LearnX is a personalized educational experience that connects students to both a tutor, and a new friend based on their learning style, personality, and interests. LearnX introduces students to two awesome people.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between the GameChangers Program & Innovation groups is that one is more fundamental information focused and the other more action oriented.


  • Teaches the 6-Step Dream System™
  • Interactive online class setting
  • Entrepreneurial focused
  • 3-day workshop

Innovation Groups:

  • Get clarity on your future
  • Develop your passions
  • Make new friends
  • Interactive bi-weekly meetings

This really depends on your teen’s interests. If your teen has entrepreneurial interests, it’s recommend for them to learn entrepreneurial fundamentals from GameChangers then joining an Innovation Group to actualize their goals with other teens.

At the same time, the fundamental knowledge gained from GameChangers is beneficial for every student regardless of their interest in entrepreneurship.

If you and your teen believe they have a good understanding of the concepts within the Dream System™, then it might be a good idea for them to directly join Innovation Groups.

Yes, students are welcomed and encouraged to join both the GameChangers Program & Innovation Groups. 

The recommended age group for the GameChangers workshop & Innovation Groups is 14+.

To sign up for GameChangers or Innovation Groups, click on the “learn more” button under the option you are interested in. This will take you to a page to guide you through the sign up process there. 

Questions? Email info@logolife.org

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Entrepreneur Track

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Enter the code above during registration to get $5 off. We look forward to making a positive impact with your student on the workshop!

My son (newly 15) did the 6-week program and I thought it was very good for him. First of all, it gave him something to do this summer (no typical job due to COVID), and second, I think it made him think about things other than math, which is his favorite subject and thing to do! I also appreciated the one on one mentoring sessions in addition to the weekly group session.

I also liked that he had homework to do between sessions. I thought that he received a lot of attention from the LogoLife founders and instructors and that the info given to him to develop was detailed and effective, and tailored to his passions.

A productive and comprehensive teen entrepreneurship program.

Latha O.


The Logolife program is a truly inspiring and innovative way to teach today's teens the skills they will need to adjust in this changing world. As a single parent, my biggest concern has been to prepare my kiddos for the future, but what the future holds is anybody's guess.

When I found Logolife, I was so excited because it teaches kids to adapt to changes and to create their own path forward. I am especially impressed that they encourage kids not to be afraid of failure, but to accept that trial and error is a meaningful part of the process and that being gritty and tenacious can be even more important than having natural talent or ability.

While they learn to capitalize on their strengths, they are also encouraged to grow through their weaknesses and to use what they have to bring value into the world around them. All of us know that what our schools aren't able to prepare our kids for the future or to make them successful in life.

Education alone isn't the answer; the answer is the right education. I am so proud to encourage every parent to investigate Logolife as an option for their children.

If you start by attending the parent meeting I think you'll find that every point of their program is something today's teens need to not only hear, but embrace. It also helps that everyone associated with the program is completely professional, helpful, gracious and enthusiastic.

My daughter and I have had nothing but a positive and uplifting experience with Logolife. I give them my very highest recommendation!

Christine S.